Impact Etching is a revolutionary yet simple stone engraving technology purpose-built for Monument Companies.
It is the most practical solution for engraving portraits and scenes on granite.
Our machines are successfully used for headstone etching, pet memorials, memorial plaques and all other applications involving engraving on polished stone (granite, basalt, marble), or glass.

Are you looking for the stone engraving machine?

If so, you probably came across offerings of laser etchers, so let us clarify one thing first: our machines are not lasers. Which, we believe, is GREAT!
Lasers have a number of limitations that make them tricky to use in monument trade.
Our DiamondEdge™ Machines are called “Impact Etchers” because they create images on the stone by physically hitting it with the sharp diamond tip. Click here to see how our machines work.

Why choose DiamondEdge™ Impact Etcher over laser?

Our engraving machines stand out when compared to lasers in 3 key characteristics: Price, Etching Quality and Simplicity.

Price: You can get our base DiamondEdge-Sprinter™ model for as little as $14,950*, and start creating magnificent etchings right away. Many of our monument builder customers report paying their DiamondEdge™ machine off in 6 to 12 months. Click here to see the details on profitability.

Etching quality: Impact Etching with diamond tip is as close as it gets to manual etching performed by an artist, only without associated costs, and with guaranteed 100% likeness to the original picture. Our machines hit the stone physically, which results in bright, deep, sparkling etchings. Laser engraving machines burn the stone, and then etchings have to be covered with paint to look “presentable”.

Simplicity: Our stone etching machines were specifically designed for the monument trade, and it shows in how easy-to-use they are. DiamondEdge™ impact etchers have the surface tracking technology, which means that the stone does not have to be perfectly flat or level, as opposed to the laser etchers, which require stone leveling, focusing, lens cleaning etc.

* Price for United States. Prices in other countries might differ. Call our resellers for details.

What if you own a laser engraving machine already?

Customers with firsthand experience of using laser machines told us that Impact Etching is superior to laser engraving in terms of quality and ease of use.
In fact, we have customers that own expensive laser machines that have purchased our etcher and started using it instead !
We offer “Laser machine transition services” to the current owners of laser engravers.
Call 416-912-7019, or email to find out how our stone engraving machines can help.