Why outsource image editing to us?

Do you want to spend hours preparing images for etching yourself, or have it done by experts that know how to make images look good on granite, for only $20?

Our image service provides easy and inexpensive alternative to owners of etching machines for image editing. We have processes thousands of customer images, and know how to make them look best on stone.

Our approach to image editing for stone etching

The biggest misconception in image preparation for stone engraving is trying to make image look good on your computer screen. That is simply wrong. The images you edit should be optimised for the stone, not your PC screen or paper. And stone has its unique characteristics, which are:

  • Stone is usually black, unlike your computer screen (obvious isn’t it ?)
  • Stone is not capable of showing the same depth of colors and resolution as your computer screen.
  • Most types of granite have inclusions, imperfections, discolorations, which will make even the best looking image look bad on stone

Solution? The image prepared for stone etching should have its contrast, transitions, and sharpness artificially exaggerated. Those exaggerations will fade when image is etched on the stone, and the result will be amazing.

Therefore, you should not judge the image prepared for etching by the way it looks on your screen. If it looks somewhat unnatural and exaggerated, it is likely the sign of good editing.

Hera are some sample images we edited for our clients:
Some examples of images we edited:
Edited Images
1-or 1-ed
2-or 2-ed
3-or 3-ed
4-or 4-ed
5-or 5-ed
6-or 6-ed
8-or 8-ed