You can use our machines to etch granite, marble, glass and metal.

There are multiple applications for this technology: etching monuments, headstones, interior design, awards engraving.

The majority of our customers are monument builders who use our machines to create portrait or scene etchings on stone.

The reason for our machines’ popularity is that they are created specifically for the needs of monument builders. Typical monument shop pays off their Granite™ machine in 6-10 months with profit from portrait and scene etching.

Here are some of the etchings created with Granite™ Impact Etching machines:

Tribute to Elmer Sperry, inventor of gyrocompass.

We produced it to demonstrate both etching of pictures as well as texts.
This piece includes drawings from the original patent. It demonstrates how you can combine different images showing lifetime achievements of a person.

Etched on black granite tile, 12″x12″


Portrait etched on granite tile. 12″x12″


Monument created by one of our Eastern European customers: