In North America, our customer report charging between $300 and $550 per portrait etched on granite. Scenes usually fetch higher prices, and can go as high as $ 1000 per monument. That is the added value for monument pricing, not counting materials, such as cost of granite.

Let us assume that you make 5 portrait etchings per month, and charge $400 per each.

Your consumables (amortization of diamond tips) will be approx. $3 per portrait.

If you outsource image editing to us, that will be $20 per image. If you use our Image Editing Service, you will not have to hire any graphic artist, so your image editing costs will be fixed and predictable.

That leaves you with gross profit of $400 – $3 – $20 = $377 per etched portrait.

Multiply that gross profit by 5 portraits per month and by 12 months per year!

You will get $377 x 5 x 12 = $22,620 in profits in the first year of using the machine!

The above formula gives you an idea of the math you can use to calculate you return on investment. In countries outside of North America, your margins can be different, you will have to check local market conditions.