Our engraving machines create images on the stone using diamond tip.

We call this technology “Impact Etching”. It is different from laser engravers, because we hit the stone physically, creating bright, deep etchings.

We offer 2 types of DiamondEdge™ Impact Etching Machines


DiamondEdge Sprinter

DiamondEdge-Sprinter™ is a portable model that can be lifted by a single person and transported in a small truck, or even in the back seat of a compact sedan. Sprinter™ model is designed to be placed on top of the stone, so it does not impose any restrictions on how big the stone is. You can etch the images that are larger than the working field of the machine by breaking them into pieces, and by etching large images in parts. Check this YouTube video prepared by one of our customers, illustrating memorial plaque etching for Spaceview park in florida, across the water from the Kennedy Space centre:
(the video shows our previous model, Granite-CP™, but you can do the same with DiamondEdge-Sprinter™)

Smaller stones, such as 12×12 tiles often used in columbaria, can be placed inside of the machine frame


DiamondEdge Max
DiamondEdge-Max™ is a stationary model. You feed the stone into the machine frame from underneath, using pallet truck or low profile dolly.

Sprinter™ and Max™ model use identical etching head, so there is no difference in etching quality between those two models. Both will create amazing stone engravings.
The only difference is the size of working field.

Mechanical components (linear drives) for both machines are made in Germany, by Igus.

Machine specs

Dimensions represent the maximum size of work area that machines can process in a single job.

Note that you can etch larger pictures in pieces using machine of any size.

Note that machine prices provided below apply to United States only.
Prices in other countries might differ. Call our resellers for details.


Price: $ 14,950 Metric units

Length in MM

weight in KG

US Units

Length in inches

weight in pounds

Length 947 37.3
Width 687 27.0
Height 220 8.7
Working field size 400 640 15.7 24.4
Machine’s weight 28 62
Box dimensions 1020 770 280 40.2 30.4 11.1
Package weight 50 110


Price: $ 22,490 Metric units
Length in MM
weight in KG
US Units
Length in inches
weight in pounds
Length 1710 67.3
Width 1032 40.6
Height with legs removed 310 12.2
Height with legs attached,
adjusting screws completely in
700 27.6
Range of upward leg adjustment 50 2.0
Max clearance between the floor and
lower bar of the machine’s frame
440 17.3
Etching head vertical movement range 45 2.0
Working field of the machine 1400 700 55.1 27.5
Machine’s weight 63 139
Box dimensions 1780 1100 440 70.1 43.3 17.3
Package weight 120 265