Our Granite™ stone etching machine has paid for itself in 6 months… Still shocked at what it can do .. I don’t see how anybody can make it any easier to use… Cant see how anybody can go wrong with it… Click here to see the video of this testimonial
Forrest Homier
Homier's Monumental, Defiance, OH
"Where have you been?" - That was the question we asked to Economical Solutions when they demonstrated Granite-CP diamond etcher to us.
Fabhaven is a high-volume monument shop, producing hundreds of monuments and urns per month.
We owned high-end laser machine for years, and it seemed to work fine, until we saw Granite Impact Etching machines.
The quality and brightness of etchings created by Granite CP machines is way better than laser, and this verdict does not come from us, but from our customers. They like portraits made with the diamond etcher more than the etchings created with laser.
And, Granite CP machines are so easy to use! We unpacked the machine, quickly went through the manual, and were up and running in half a day.
By the time our vendor arrived the next day to train us, we had already created many high quality etchings, just after reading the manual, so the training didn’t take too long to complete.
With our new Granite CP machine, you place it on top of any monument, position the home base, begin the image and off you go! No need to warm up the laser tube, nor do multiple tests with different DPIs and ..... simply put, it just works!
Now we do all of our portraits, landscape and overall etchings with our new Granite CP machine, and keep our laser to only high-volume, low-complexity jobs.
Toronto, Ontario
We have purchased the Granite-CP after we saw it in action at Derusha Supply. By that time, we already had an expensive laser machine that was used in our day to day operations of etching granite monuments. While laser machine would ultimately do the job, we were attracted to Granite-CP because of its simple set-up and configuration... As far as the quality of etchings produced, we believe that Granite-CP diamond-made "impact etchings" are superior in appearance to laser etchings, they are brighter and deeper. It has been 4 months since we purchased the Granite-CP machine, and it has been working great, with outstanding on-site support provided by Derusha.
Granit J.McCutcheon
Stanstead, Quebec
The impact machine has been a critical addition to our family owned business, where like so many others we each wear various "hats" and just work together to make things click.
I have personally produced diamond hand etchings since 1990 in various shops in Northwest Ohio. Since '99 we have been in retail and all the etchings we sell and produce have been executed by myself. Each year it has become more difficult to keep up with the etching workload, and my drive to etch has become less. In all sincerity the impact machine could not have arrived at a better time. The stress and strain of keeping up with the etchings is almost completely gone. The most difficult and time consuming work of etching portraits and high detail vehicles has been all but erased from my responsibility. We are fortunate to have a most able employee who works on his own and through the preparation services provided by Economical Solutions.
In the end, "Buzz" as we call our machine, has relieved me countless hours of prep and hand etching, so ultimately I have more time dedicated to design, sales and assisting in the sandblast shop.
The only reason I would even consider this machine is that it works in a way I'm familiar with and trust; a diamond point striking the surface and "naturally" creating the white etching. We are not comfortable with the various other processes for their lack of permeacy. White litho is not a part of any of our process, design or lettering, and never will be.
Mark Homier
Homier’s Monumental, Defiance, Ohio
Dodds Memorials purchased the compact (CP model) of the Granite Impact Etching Machine with the intention of using it for portraits.We have been well satisfied with the quality of the finished product. You would definitely need to buy the larger model if you want to doscenes. The tech support has been very helpful and professional and we would recommend using this machine to anyone who wants to getstarted doing their own portrait etchings.
Dodds Memorials
Ottawa, Kansas
I purchased this machine after seeing it work in the MAMBA-MBNA jam this spring, after looking at my records seeing how much we spend on Porcelain photos etc. I decided the purchase was feasible financially from this standpoint alone estimating 50% of my customers that would buy a Porcelain photo would purchase an engraved image.
The ratio is actually in the 70% range opting for the engraved image. We are excited that we can offer in house a high quality engraving at a reasonable price, we are marketing the image at below porcelain prices, Thus the major shift to the engraving system. We are also working to develop a market in glass; I am still working to learn how to make a quality engraving on glass.
From the initial public reactions to my first work the glass work is very favourable! In all we are very excited and pleased with the system, ALL of my customers are very pleased with the work that has been done on granite! Like all new tools it will take some work and effort to learn howto use the system, to learn the software, how to setup an impact folder for any type of material you are working with. THIS IS THE KEY to nice work, understanding how the machine works! Support has been very good for me, I purchased the system through Hyatt’s Sign Supply, with Mr. Ron Clamps help, the learning curve has been acceptable for putting an expensive machine to work paying for itself!
Charles McKenzie
McKenzie Monuments, Inc., Batesville, Arkansas