Regardless of the type of etching that you are planning to create – portrait, scene or pet photograph, image preparation is the key.

Image editing (retouching) for CNC stone engraving is a complicated task that requires knowledge of raster editors, such as Photoshop, and hours of work.

Lack of proper image editing is the biggest source of frustration for the owners of laser engraving machines. Laser machine salespeople deliver the good pitch, demonstrate nicely looking images (often without mentioning that they have paint applied on the top of etching), and then leave once the sale is closed. Once customer bought the laser machine and started using it for etching, the results are often terrible. Images that you have to etch in real situations are never studio-quality, and they come out badly on the stone when etched without proper preparation.

We recognize the importance of image preparation, and believe that the best way to prepare images for etching is not having to prepare them.

Surprised? Here is what we mean:

We take the hassle of image editing away from you by providing high-quality, low-cost, reliable image editing service. We will charge a flat fee of $20 to prepare your image for etching, so that you can be sure it looks great on stone.

Click here to learn more about our image editing service. You are of course still free to edit images yourself, if you prefer to do so, and have that expertise in-house.

We also invite the laser machine owners to use our service.