Advice on stone etching machine selection

Monument builders are bombarded with offers from manufacturers of laser machines.

We, on our part, do not try to outdo them in advertising.

After all, we are not laser, so why try to compete with technology that we believe is inferior to ours?

Our customer testimonies are the best marketing tool. Click here to read them.

Despite all the advantages that Impact Etching has vs laser machines, we strongly recommends that you do not make your decision on purchase of stone engraving equipment based on technology alone. We suggest you look at the entire experience of using the granite engraving machine, and try to rank your options objectively. How will you prepare images for etching? What kind of support will you receive?

Here is the decision sheet for you, we have filled out our side, you only would have to complete the other side.
Graniteā„¢ Impact Etching Competitor products
Is the equipment easy to use ? Yes, no focusing or leveling is required, our machines track the surface of the stone
How will I prepare images for etching ? We will do them for you, for low, low fee of $20 per image.
(You are free to edit images yourself, too)
Is the technology time-tested? Yes, it has been available for decades in Europe, and for more than 3 years in North America, 60 monument builders use our machines in US and Canada
Will I get local support and training? Yes, we have 2 resellers in US, one in Canada, one in UK, and one in South Africa. They will train and support you
Is machine covered by warranty? 3 Years bumper-to-bumper warranty in US and Canada (including the etching head!)

1 Year bumper-to-bumper warranty elsewhere in the world
(Excluding consumables, such as diamond tips)

Is this real etching? Yes, Impact Etching technology hits the stone with the real diamond tip, creating deep, bright etchings
Will my etchings require paint application to look good ? All etchings presented on our page were made with Graniteā„¢ Impact Etcher, with no paint application afterwards.

Impact Etching Machine vs. Laser Stone Engraver

Here is the link to the detailed comparison of Impact Etching to Laser Engraving: